Synthetic Turf

Synthetic Turf Installation by Pro Ridge Landscape

Are you looking for a lush, green lawn all year round without the hassle of traditional maintenance? Pro Ridge Landscape offers the installation of synthetic turf for residential and commercial properties.

Synthetic turf is a great option for many different applications. It is safe, durable, and low-maintenance, and it can save money in the long run. There are many reasons why a customer might choose to install synthetic turf. Some of the most popular uses include:

· Mini Sports fields – Synthetic turf is perfect for sports fields because it provides a consistent and safe surface for players. It also saves on maintenance costs since there is no need to mow, water, or fertilize the field.

· Landscaping – Synthetic turf can be used to create beautiful landscapes that don’t require any irrigation or maintenance.

· Dog runs and play areas – Synthetic turf is perfect for dog runs and play areas because it is soft and safe for animals. It also eliminates the need to clean up pet waste.

· Commercial applications – Synthetic turf can be used for a wide variety of commercial applications, including airports, schools, and hospitals. It is a safe and low-maintenance option that can save money in the long run.

When choosing synthetic turf, it is important to consider the type of material that will be best suited for your needs. There are several different types of turf available, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Be sure to consult with a professional to find the right type of turf for your needs.

Why Choose Pro Ridge Landscapes for your Synthetic Turf Installation

Our synthetic turf is made of the highest quality materials and comes with a 15-year manufacturer’s warranty, which is generally five years more than any other brand!

We install only the best-made turf and it reflects in both the price and the longevity of the product. All turf projects are built on a semi-permeable base that filters water through the base then slowly releases it back into the subgrade. This prevents water from pooling and causing damage to your property

Low Maintenance Alternative to Natural Grass

While synthetic turf is not “maintenance-free”, it does require a touch-up once or twice a year to the infill sand and rebrushing of fibers. In addition, we recommend keeping the surface blown off weekly with a leaf blower. With just a minimal amount of care, your synthetic turf lawn will look great for years to come!

We do offer maintenance packages on all of our product installs and will be happy to discuss this option with you.

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